"Occasional Memory"

Sturenkatu 37-41 - Helsinki

22.1.2021 to 24.1.2021

150 books -
15 per edition -
cyanotype printed cover -
risograph printed paper -
4800 pages in total

I went for an improvised journey in a desert last year in December. Afterward, without signs of dissipation in time, the imaginaries of the place constantly repeated themselves in my mind. The incandescent sand ground, endless rock mountains, and the unexpected encounters and conversation formed the original inspiration of the story of Untitled Trip. I wrote it from memory as starting a painting from an old album, without knowing where eventually the things would end up. They raised up, decided a direction, and started to walk in their own way, like a man in the desert alone. All I could do was just to follow him sneakily, staring at his back, and wondering whether he was me or not.

The publication Occasional Memory takes the form of a series of multi mini books. As a continuation of the reflection on writing, it is an instance of constant repetitions. The acts, words and images are perpetually displaced in a crowd of notebooks. Every gesture is continuously replicated. Impressing the cyanotype of the cover, folding the printed pages, cutting, binding the books by hand. Placing them on the table, flipping the pages to find the next excerpt of narration, transforming the act of reading into the act of experiencing the way the story took form, an exploration of memories through obsessive repetitive thoughts and the occasional casualties.

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