The Grain of The Wall

in collaboration with Tuure Leppänen
Sabl, Online/Switzerland
01.11.2022 to 6.11.2022

From November 1st to 6th, artists Tuure Leppänen and Xiao Zhiyu will act on sabl through an evolving, rupturing and expanding process that conceives the virtual space as a digital organism. Over the course of the residency, the single room of sabl - the surveanced subject of live footage - will grow into a structural complexity through mutated duplications, to finally evolve into an apocyte-like digital architecture. The flesh of the space will expand in a proliferation of vectors - mutations of its body will be designed everyday on-site by the artists on Blender for the duration of the residency. Working everyday on a same file, the artists will form an organic architecture which duplicates and replicates the original sabl space.

The surveillance cameras of sabl will stream the artists working in the room as well as the 3D-model mutating. This process of design and transformation will be influenced by a series of indexes newly identified everyday and announced on the program section of the website. They will range from mundane objects to concepts, and will inform the way the artists will proceed in the design of the rooms on Blender.

This project was made possible with the support of the University of Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts.

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